I'm using soapui here to investigate how to create calendar appointment items in Teaming. I've gotten it partially working. The <soapenv:Header> has to contain my username and password. You'll need to put your own in here to use it.

I'm using addEntry to add a calendar item (appointment) to a Team calendar, as well as adding it to two personal calendars. Or at least that's what I want it to do. This claims to have done so, but it doesn't.

Through reverse engineering, I eventually found that the recipients list in the iCal body is essentially ignored when creating an appointment. You have to specify the "id" number of the recipients in the <customLongArrayField> tagged "attendee" list. You can get these id
numbers from profile_getUserByName.

The <parentBinderId> tag specifies what calendar you want to create this appointment on. I found this by getting the iCal string in the Teaming interface and just copying it from there. There's probably a better, more correct, way to do this. I'm just hacking right now. I'll worry about that later.

soapup xml code here:

[XML] teaming-soapui - Pastebin.com

because posting it inline makes the message too big to post.

So I submit this, and I get back a successful result code with an entry id number. It does seem to have created something, at least as far as SOAP is concerned it worked.

I go in to Teaming and log in. I can see in my calendar that this appointment was created. I switch to the Team calendar, and I can see that this appointment is on the calendar there too. I log out and have George log in, and look at their calendar, and there's nothing there.

Yet, if I do the same operation within Teaming, and use getEntry to extract it, it looks pretty much just like this (differences in time and date). I can't see why my SOAP submitted appointment doesn't show up on any of the other attendees calendars.

In case it matters, this is being posted against a Teaming v2 server.