Hi all: This is a "how could I do this" type of question rather than an "issue" question.

I have a bunch of computers which currently upload digital recordings (mp3) we create to a central server. This occurs each night. However, I am considering changing the way this is done. Currently each computer runs a small java app which does the work of sensing new files are ready for uploading and then doing the uploading via copying the files to the server. It is a simple program and I rely on autolog to have the computer always logged into the network.

What I am thinking of doing is to setup the windows built-in ftp service set up on each workstation and then have the server query each machine for files to upload, kind of reversing the rolls. Another option would be to create windows shares on each workstation and have the server look at these for new files. Simplified logic would be:

1. Log into workstation and test for the presence of new files.
2. If new files exist, upload to server and then delete, if not #3.
3. Move to next workstation, return to #1.

So are there any utilities that I could use on the server to automate ftp sessions or contiguously poll shares for new files? If I need to I can write something, but I would prefer a ready-made utility.