So we deployed a new sat server here and it was not replicating content. At one point somebody thought that doing a "specify content" might help things along not fully realizing it would change the actual behavior of the satellite replication for the nearly 900 bundles they selected. Now I would like to revert them all back without doing it manually. I have been playing with the zman utility since this seemed like the best choice but it just does not want to play nice or I am just missing the proper command and syntax.

What I did was to use zman bl to create a list of all the bundles and then used that list to build a batch command to pass through zman bex that would hopefully do what I needed. This just didn't work and yet the logs say it was successful. What I seem to be finding is that many of my bundles did not even get dumped using the bundle list and some bundles that were listed worked and some didn't even though they all said they did. I also tried to export the settings and import them back but that was met with the same lack of success.

A sample line from the bex input file is:
"zman bsrt <bundle> com.novell.zenworks.content.satellite.replication"

I also tried: zman bsrt <bundle> "Satellite Server Replication" but this failed on me as well.

Can anybody think of a way to recursively set EVERY single bundle in the zone to revert the setting for just "Satellite Server Replication" to inherit from the system that will actually work? The zman bsrt option seemed like my best bet but it is not working well, is not recursive and also seems to only be able to revert to use the parent folder and I want everything to use system.

All of our primary servers and satellite servers are running on Server 2008 R2 and we are running 10.3.3. The database is an SQL cluster.