I have a site to site VPN setup. Everything is working fine, I think.

I am able to login to the remote site by entering the IP address of a
remote server for the tree name and then login as a local user.

When I test transferring files, I can copy a 10MB directory between sites
in around 5 minutes.

Should I expect faster times than this? Both sites connect to the
internet via T1s.

The reason for the question is that I have a central database that
communicates with a remote database at the end of the day. Basically, the
remote site database updates the central database and then the central
database transmits any additional changes back to the remote database. The
remote database is only 3 MB (currently) and the central database should
only make minor changes to that. Why would it take 45 minutes to transfer
between sites when I can clearly move 10MB in under 5 minutes?

Just looking for any performance tweaking I should be looking at.

Any advice or ideas are greatly appreciated.

Steve D.