I have problems getting the automatic imaging process based on hardware rules to work. The Problem is that the machines PXE boot, contact our Novell Preboot (Policy) Server and then just exit PXE boot without doing anything.

Here's what I did so far:

1. Sysprep'ed a Windows 7 x64 SP1 machine (with ZEN Agent 10.3.1 installed, but prepared via 'zac fsg -d').
2. Created an Imaging-Bundle that would take an image from that machine and store it in the servers repository.
3. Created an Imaging-Bundle that would install this image.
3. Defined a Hardware Rule in ZCC under <Configuration-Preboot Services> with a BIOS Serial Number Filter (double checked the machines SN!) to apply the Imaging-Bundle created in #3.

I also tried BIOS Asset Tag (its the same as SN on our HP machines) and MAC Addess but stil no luck. I even checked if ZEN is able to read this info correctly by booting ZEN Maintenance and running 'img -i'. All looking good.

I hope someone of you can help me, thanks!