A few months back we attempted to migrate our GroupWise system from a NetWare 6.5 cluster to some OES2 on Linux VMs and encountered a problem. It's been a while now, so some details may be a little hazy, but since we want to perform this move over the summer I want to see if any one has any advice.

All the servers are located at a central site, with the exception of one server that's installed at a school with a 50/10 cable modem connected back with a site-to-site VPN. This server only holds one PO. We followed the excellent Caledonia Moving GroupWise guide. All the domains and POs were moved with few problems, and IP addresses updated to reflect their new homes. It was in moving the last PO that's by itself that we encountered difficulty. We moved the PO data without a problem, but we couldn't establish communications between domain and PO, though network traffic was flowing. This server has a partition replica and eDirectory was in good health. Using my local copy of ConsoleOne, the same one I used to configure all the other domains and POs we moved, I was able to update eDirectory, by POA wouldn't recognize changes. Manually editing POA starup also had no effect. ConsoleOne on the OES Linux box wants to have a domain located one the server to manage GroupWise, so we couldn't use the local copy. POA kept loading with the old IP address and never established communication with the domain. We eventually abandoned move for the time being.

Any suggestions for next attempt?