I make many lab test to update Linux sp3/Oes2sp2 to Linux Sp3/Oes2Sp3 with CD hadware. After a successful upgrade I notice the file "etc/Novell-release" is not upgrade and the verison is the same OES 2.0.2 path 2...

After rug update I see OES2 to OES3 (optional) but is already full path with cd hadware if I install this file, I have 3 another file to update( OES2sp3_edirectory_886-patch2) (oes2sp3o-sp3online) (product-oes2-sp3) afther installed this 3 file (45minutes) and reboot installation server the version of etc/Novell-release is update to sp3

What is the best solution
1- cd+installation online+path+reboot
2- only cd
3- only online