Hello, this will take a moment to explain but i am hoping that someone can assist me. I am attempting to deploy a windows 7 x64 image to machines using sysprep which works fine. The issue i am having with the ZCMAgent is that its installation is breaking the auto logon that is performed. I am not talking about the zen logon box(as i have that disabled through the registry) but the windows logon itself. We are using a local account with autoadminlogon enabled.

Here is what i have discovered, after much testing and elimination:

After the ZCM agent is installed, before any restart takes place, if you check on the computer name, for whatever reason it will state that the machine will be renamed to ****** after reboot. However ****** is currently the PC's name to begin with, essentialy it is renaming itself to the same thing

Rebooting the machine, autoadminlogon still works fine. However, checking the computer name again shows the same message that the machine will rename itself to ****** after reboot, again with ****** being the same name as befor. Either the machine rename did not take place or the machine is attempting to rename itself for a second time.

Rebooting for the second time is where it breaks. The second reboot after installing the ZCM agent causes the windows login dialogue to show up at boot. It is not attempting the logon and failing, it is simply bringing you to the logon ui and sitting there. If you proceed to logon to the PC, autoadminlogon works again. From here i can restart the PC as many times as possible and autoadminglogon works. It is only for that one logon that it breaks, which i assume has something to do with ZCM and registering the local machine. While the machine is sitting at this logon however, restarting it does not fix the issue. I have to log into the machine to make the issue disappear.

Unfortunately this image would be going to thousands of computers and i cannot sit there manually for each one performing a local login. I am at my wits end as to what is causing this, is it a server side issue? Is it an agent configuration issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated