GroupWise 8.0.2hp1 (70 users), running on NetWare 6.5sp8
BES 4.1.7 (25 users), using OAPI on Win2K and SQL 2005 Express

I thought I'd pass this solution along in case anyone else ran into
similar problems.

We started experiencing high CPU utilization from the GWConnector.exe
and GWCheckPA.exe services a few months ago. After every server reboot,
we would see both of these processes running at nearly 50% each (nearly
100% combined) for between 30 minutes to an hour, before finally
settling down and running normally. The server would usually run fine
for a week or so, but then the CPU utilization on one or both of these
processes would spike again, usually requiring a server reboot. This
went on for a couple months.

Two weeks ago, I was looking at the "Folder Redirection" configuration
in the BES for some of our users, and found that two of our users had
multiple copies of every GroupWise folder showing up as available for
redirection. One user had 65 copies his entire GroupWise folder
structure, the other had 416 copies. I used SQL Server Management
Studio Express to look at the "dbo.MbFolderSync" table contents, and
found 147,412 total entries listed for all 25 of our users.

I deleted both users from BES, which removed all of their associated
folder entries in that table along with the rest of their account, and
then re-added them. The total number of entries in that table after
this process dropped to just 2,878, and the "Folder Redirection" lists
are correct now.

So nearly 145,000 duplicate folders had somehow been erroneously synced
into that database. I haven't figured out how this occurred, but I do
know that the high CPU utilization issues disappeared when those extra
folder entries were removed. When I reboot now, there is no high
utilization, and I've not seen it come back during normal operation.

Just an FYI.