Just hoping for some troubleshooting tips. One of the staff laptops (used in
the office and at home) used to be able to connect via VPN from home
(w98se), but now can't (w2k).

Setup: BM3.7, bmvpn3.7sp4, W2k SP4 (laptop), Netware 6 server, nwclient
4.9sp1 (laptop). The user sometimes connects to a dial-up ISP and sometimes
connects to the internet via ISDN (outback Australia, no Cable or ADSL

I had the laptop in the office yesterday, connected to his dial-up ISP,
could browse the web, then ran the VPN login software (LAN VPN Login). The
login connects to the server, but then fails with the following message:

Authenticating user failed
vptunnel returned an error

I uninstalled the VPN software AND the Netware Client, rebooting after each
step. Then tried reinstalling both again, same error. Another user at home
has no probs using the same Client software, Win XP and cable connection.

Any suggestions?