Hi All,

We host in our virtual environment, a couple of servers for a dept separate to us. Their local IT staff deal with much of the day to day helpdesk issues.

They have a mix of Win Xp, Win 7 and Mac users connecting to our NDS. Their primary server is SLES10 OES2.

The problem appeared late yesterday and appears to be spreading today. Users on PCs (XP and Win7) are having problems authenticating to the network, also those who have been logged in and lockec their workstation cannot unlock them.

This is what we were able to do work out yesterday:

When trying to login from a reboot or forced log off (locked workstation) the client would return that the Tree\Server could not be located or the Username and password are incorrect. When you look at the client settings the Tree, Context and Server are missing. Even when re-entering these authentication fails.

To re-establish network access, I logged in as the local admin, check network connectivity then authenticated via the client in the system tray - access was immediate.