A remote user (home based!) collegue who uses the VPN Client to connect to
our (bm37) network has recently purchased a 4-port ADSL router to allow 2
PC's to connect to the internet. Up until then, he used a USB modem and had
to keep moving the modem from/to work PC and home PC.

As his ISP assigns an IP dynamically, to the router, so the PC's behind the
router have a 192.168.0.x private address. So does this mean the VPN client
WILL NOT work under this configuration? Because it doesn't work, it will not
establish a connection to the (BM VPN)servers external IP. It obviously
works from a USB modem, but not behind the router.

Can someone clarify that this configuration will work? And if so, what can I
configure on a router to enable it to work? It HAS NO firewall, im told!