We are currently running GroupWise 8.0.2 HP2 (Integrations Off) on OES2 Netware and Office 2003. I know GroupWise 8 changed the functionality of saving attachments to avoid issues with editing files in the temp folder, however we have found an issue specific to Excel.

If you double click on an Excel attachment to open it, then do a File, Save As it brings up the screen for the location you want to save it to, but adds "Copy of" filename in the File Name field. It causes the user to not only save to another location to edit the file, but they have to take off the "Copy of" which is making my Accountant crazy since he deals almost exclusively with Excel files. I would just have him right click and save the file without double clicking on the file, but he needs to view the file to see if he needs to edit or save it. Once you have opened the file, then close it and right click to do a save as, it adds _# (# of times file has been opened) to the end of the filename which still makes him have to edit the name to save it.

This is not an issue for any other file types such as .doc or .pdf files. You can double click on any type other than an .xls file and it lets you save to a new location with the file name intact. Also is not an issue on computers running Office 2000. Any assistance anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. (Yes we are still on OES2 Netware, but are planning to move to Linux at some point...) Thanks!