Have an issue where the the GWIA is up and running but port 25 (verified with "netstat -nap|grep :25") is not open and outgoing mail will not pass either. When attempting to send an outgoing message I see the following the in the GWIA log but the message never goes. I have verified that Postfix and sendmail are not running and have also set --smtp and smtpport 25 in the gwia.cfg. Odd thing is that IMAP and POP do open just fine. All inter-PO mail is flowing just fine. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

19:17:33 104 MSG 5742932 File: /media/nss/VOL1/grpwise/domain/wpgate/gwia/wpcsout/gwi5f5d/4/4db082bd.AM0 Message Id: (4DB0BAFC.115:182:50758) Size: 224
19:17:33 104 MSG 5742932 Sender: address@mydomain.com
19:17:33 104 MSG 5742932 Converting message to MIME: /media/nss/VOL1/grpwise/domain/wpgate/gwia/send/xdb082cd.001
19:17:33 104 MSG 5742932 Recipient: address@myotherdomain.com
19:17:33 104 Switching link state to SENDING_ALLOWED.

19:17:33 104 MSG 5742932 Queuing message to daemon: /media/nss/VOL1/grpwise/domain/wpgate/gwia/send/sdb082cd.001