Sorry about the awkward title... couldn't think of another way to get it all to fit!

We're a small school (~400 users with GW accounts) and are made the official move to Google's Apps for Education and have kept our domain name. So far, so good - all email is now going to Google's servers instead of ours. It was a bit funky there for a bit, but I'm attributing it to a slow DNS propogation for our MX record.

One hiccup, though, is that GW still thinks it's the destination for emails that end in our domain. I suppose this makes sense: emails being sent to the local domain probably never leave the GW server.

I've read a lot of stuff online that talks about changing Foreign IDs and Internet Addressing settings, but I haven't been able to piece together an answer that works for what I'd like to have happen. Knowing that they might very well be impossible, here is what I'd like to configure GW to do:

1) send local mail to an external relay (Google's)


2) get GW to think it answers to a different domain name, thereby tricking it into thinking that local mail is no longer local and sending it out to the Internet, where it will find its way to Google

Either will work, as will some combo of the two. We had planned on not migrating mail but instead keeping the GW server around until July so that users could forward the most important mail to themselves, but if GW won't let go of mail destined for @ourdomain addresses, that's going to be problematic.

As a complication, my ConsoleOne is no longer showing all the SMTP/MIME/POP3/IMAP4/etc tabs for my GWIA object. I spent all day yesterday trying everything I could find on how to get them back without success. Thus, if there's a fix that uses only text files (server is SLES10), that'd be awesome.

I didn't ask this question in the Agents or GWIA subforum since I didn't know if the answer may pertain to both.

Thanks all.