What kind of issues would/could this attribute have on objects in my
tree? (edir 8.8.6 via oes2sp3 on sles10sp3)

I recall when doing the channel upgrade to oes2sp3, I had issues with
with user samifcation and ended up changing the script (per advice
from this forum) to only samify users & groups. At least that was
done in the lab.

Got checking stuff between lab servers & live servers and I noticed
the upgrade2sp3.pm script in the lab was modified to only samify
users & groups, while the live script apparently was not.

I don't recall having samification issues when I did this live, but
now I see all my objects (that I've checked so far) have the
uniquedomainID attribute, whereas I have yet to find an object in my
test try *with* the uniquedomainID attribute. Both my environments are
at oes2sp3 and both dsfw installs are name-mapped.

Just wondering if this could be causing my issue of composer & linked
clones not working right in my live tree. If I point composer to my
test tree and test dsfw domain, it works just fine.