We have a BM server up and running behind a Netopia R5300 router. Because of
speed issues that could not be corrected we have our 3-4 home users
connecting to the BM server and then using PCAnywhere.

Considering I run the entire office this setup has been good because there's
little maintenance and any software related problems can be solved on the
host machine rather then trying to walk a user through stuff over the

Everything has been running fine up until last week. The user was using a
cable modem to get to the internet and connect to our office. Last week 2 of
them went out and bough wireless routers so that they can connect multiple
PC's through the same internet connection.

Now they can get to the internet and access the BM server but cannot access
their office PC through PCAnywhere. The only change has been the routers
they installed at home.

Any ideas as to what we can do to get these connections working with the new
routers? Any help would be appreciated.