I recently relocated a server and it's backup box to one of the other
facilities. Renumbering the server's IP address was fine. The clients
see it just fine. The one exception to the rule is the win2k3 server
that has backupexec on it.

Mapped drives are fine. I can UNC to some volumes, but I can't properly
to sys. If I try it, it will sit there forever, and then show exactly
one file, _SWAP_.MEM. Other clients can see the full sys volume
without an issue.

Backupexec can not browse the volumes. I've reinstalled the backupexec
agent. I've removed client32 and purged the registry of any keys that
had the old IP (by changing it to the new one). I've reinstalled the
latest client and patches.

Netware 6.5 SP8, client32 4.91 sp5 + all post sp5 patches. Windows 2003
server sp2.