Hey Guys,

It was a toss-up on this one whether to throw it into the OES - Client forum or the ZCM10:Bundles forum, but I figured I'd start here.

We recently began a small-scale test deployment of this client and have noticed a strange problem.

Some clients receive "Error code: 0xE0000242 (-536870334)", which from what I can see is simply Windows complaining about an unsigned driver package.

I recall reading in the post-IR6 update files readme that this can occur if you attempt to overlay the post-IR6 update over the IR6 client install files, but we did NOT do this.

So far it's happened on about 10 of our 60 or so users, although there are still a number of users who have not received the update (set to run on ZENworks Login).

Currently our user base is on IR3, and any deployments we have done have not had any issues (IR3, etc).

We're simply copying the installer locally to the workstation hard drive, and executing it from there (setup.exe /NCPF:unattend.txt). (There is a 60 second delay action directly before the action which copies the files down, which I used as a troubleshooting step.)