Have a small set of workstations using ZCM 10, mostly new Win7 machines. Hadn't been using the patch management in ZCM yet, still have a ZPM system.
Going to replace the ZPM system now.
Last week updated ZCM 10 to 10.3.3 then configured the Patch section.
Added a new workstation (brand new, out of the box) to the system. ZCM agent install went just fine, it shows that Patch Management is running in the Agent status, and upon login I can see the analyze process run.
ZCC shows there are patches waiting to be cached, and a couple cached (that I requested to cache)
But they all show 0 patched, and 0 unpatched.

I saw that sometimes you have to wait a day after setting up the PM section, well, that was 3 days ago now. None of the 9 workstations show anything in their own patch tab.