Hello all,

We had some issues with our ZCM server this AM. It looks like it was caused by no space on our /var/opt partition.

I had logged in and manually deleted a large old image file. I then restarted the ZCM server. Everything powers on and works as it should except, my user source can not be contacted.

When I try to login with one of my Admin users, we get the following error:

"An error occurred while connecting to the user source. Please make sure the user source is accessible and try again."

If I login as the Administrator of the Zone, I can see that the connection source is not connecting - unable to read contexts. The weird part is that I can connect through LDAP from other tools to the same source on port 636 - JXplorer works just fine.

We are running ZCM on the same server as its database and I can use the LDAP browser built in to SLES 11 x64 and the same LDAP credentials work just fine.

What else can I be looking at?

I am really new to Linux so any help is appreciated.

Steve D.