Well, I'd probably prefer a new "used" server. I have two options:

1. Go to Micro Center (kind of like a Fry's - but we don't have Fry's) and
build myself a "white box"

2. Purchase a used Dell or something that does what I want and keep my fingers
crossed that it will last for awhile.

I need a new ESXi server to replace a 32 bit version I have now (I currently
have one 32 bit server and one 64 bit for hosts). I don't need much of anything
in the way of storage (VMs are on a SAN). So I just need a decent case, power
supplies, VT processors, dual GB network cards, RAM (8 or 16 GB probably -
although this is something easier to do after the fact), and maybe mirrored
drives just to keep the thing running. Again, the size of these drives is
really inconsequential overall!

I saw this ebay store - http://stores.ebay.com/SaveMyServer - looks like
something there might work.

But does anyone here have any recommendations for me?


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