I am trying to setup a client to site vpn using a NetWare 5.1 server running BM 3.7.

Using a Win 98 workstation and IP/IPX, I can login and view all services using the vpn.

Using a XP workstation, (tried using IP only, IP w/compatibility mode, IP and IPX with the same results) I can successfully connect to the VPN server, can ping the internal addresses of any server local to that office and can login successfully to all servers local to that office. If I try to ping a server in a different location, I either get a request time out or I get a response from the public nat address of that server. Each office has its own connection to the Internet with its own BM server performing firewall and proxy server functions. Each office is connected to each other by a private line link.

The requests come in from the BM vpn server in siteA. I think when the request goes to siteB that the response packets are trying to route back out the Internet connection at siteB instead of going back to siteA.

Anyway to fix this? From what I have read, I might have to have a dedicated VPN server. If this is the case, does it have to be a separate box with no other services on it or could I add this service to an existing server (besides the BM server)?

Thank you.