Hello Everyone-

I am interested in using Border Manager as a VPN server for my remote clients. I am a little concerned about how the Bordermanager VPN client software will work through the NAT layers that are common with home based firewalls. Can anyone comment on whether this is a concern and how I might deal with this possible issue?

In the past, I have had a lot of trouble with VPN client software running properly when the remote client is sitting behind a NAT layer, such as an inexpensive Netgear or Linksys firewall (for example). I believe that the trouble has been in connection mainly with VPN client software that is IPSEC based.

My past experience was that IPSEC based VPN client software programs are unfriendly to running behind a NAT layer. Is this an issue with Border Manager's usual VPN dial-in client setup?

I am not a big fan of Microsoft but it seems that PPTP based VPN clients don't have any problem working from behind NAT.


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