Hey all,

I have just installed the BM VPN client 3.8 on my home (client) computer
which accesses the internet via a D-Link DSL500 GenII ADSL Router.

Our BM VPN server (brdrmgr01) only handes the VPN authentication, but not
the NetWare NDS login which is handled by our main server (nwstudent01).

I can connect successfully to the BM server, but the Netware Login to
nwstudent01 fails. However when i am connected i can still ping
nwstudent01. Would this be a NAT/Routing issue with my DSL router? I have
recently updated the firmware to the latest version (apparently it
supports VPN passthru).

Other VPN clients that i have configured that use Dial-Up connections
connect and login to netware without a problem. Your thoughts?