We're running GroupWise 8.02 HP2 on a NetWare 6.5 SP8 server.
[The server runs the Primary MTA, our only POA, and a secondary
GWIA--our Primary GWIA is on it's own system.] Our user-base
is around 400-450 accounts.

Typical of e-mail systems--our storage needs have increased,
so we're looking into upgrading to a new server.

In terms of specs...

- We currently have Dual Processors on the system (no threading and
no indication of more than one Core). I recall threading was an
issue with NetWare, but--I thought I read--multi-core CPUs were
handled differently (seen as additional CPUs by NetWare). Are
there any advantages (or issues) in going to a Dual, Quad-Core
system for NetWare/GroupWise?

- Would there be any advantage (or requirements) in having more than
4GB RAM on the above system?