Hi Everyone,

I have an issue thats been going on since I switched server hardware between sites, re-installed NW6.5 SP8 (overlay) with ARCserve 11.1 SP3. It's been close to one month now. It's all local, ARCserve, External Backup Device attached to a 2nd adapter. IBM HH LTO Gen 2 033

Issue shows up when backup job trys to backup certain directories, it's random. I copied a failing folder to another volume and tried to back it up and it failed with the error above also. It also reports the tape as full and marks it as full to the point where no other backup session may be added. The tape has to be erased or formatted.

I've read through several TIDs, on both Novell Support and on CA support. I've done the TSATEST and the MB/Min is about the 400MB/min, pretty much the same as ARCserve. I've edited the asconfig.ini file and added several options as stated on ARCserve 11.1 SP3 readme. I picked those from previous posts. I also modified the bti.cfg in order to comply with the 20% memory requirement from Pervasive (CA), and the cachesize to avoid memory consumption.

What throws me off is that moving the folder to a different volume, also NSS with same settings, compression ON mainly also makes the backup job fails. I've checked the Trustee assignment for the admin user and it has rights at the top of the volumes, I've checked the IRF on those failing folders and it has no rights blocked.

I'm able to do a successful backup on some folders as well. I may choose folders from users I know 100% are active and those jobs have been successful. Could it have something to do with old data being erratically reading its metadata (ACL, etc)?

Servers are in a OU below the main O. It's a small organization. Licenses objects are at O level just above the service OU, where the servers are.

The switch happened like this: I added a temp server and moved all the data over with the Consolidation Migration Wizard. I made it master DS, moved the CA, and made it timesync master. I did the return to the the "new hardware" with ARCserve NWagent because the tsa that come with SP8 kept failing to login and loosing connection... time to get back into production was running out rapidly...

could it be data corruption...?

Thanks for any input.