In 2004, Novell opened a small office in Waltham, Mass. and made it the corporate headquarters even though most of the employees continued to work in Provo. In what I believe is a great move for Novell, Jeff Hawn, the new CEO has moved Novell's headquarters back to Provo.

"We are once again establishing Provo as the headquarters of the Novell unit," said Hawn

I'm also feeling really good about Novell being able to focus more on core products. No products are being eliminated, but some are being moved to other business units of the Attachmate Group. Attachmate, SUSE, Novell, and NetIQ will all work as autonomous business units. Each BU has their own sales, marketing, technical and professional services, product management and engineering departments and will be able to focus on the needs of the BU's specific customers.

Novell's product roadmaps are continuing as planned. Solutions will be supported through their normal lifecycles. With the new organization model, Novell will be able to be more flexible and focus more on the core products and services which, in my mind, is a really good thing for you folks.

With the increased global footprint of the Attachmate group, we'll be able to expand our global presence and focus. I'm optimistic that this will give new life to the Novell and SUSE and NetIQ brands. I've worked at Novell for 20 years. The past few years have been difficult as a company. This whole entire new model of working in separate business units and being privately funded and now being able to focus on customers and doing good business instead of answering to shareholders is enticing to me. I've not been as excited about our heading the last few years as I am now.

The changes that have been outlined within the business units here won't be implemented over night, but we do have marching orders and it feels really good to be on the move in what seems to me to be the right direction. Thanks for participating in the Novell forums. All of us that are responsible for this venue will continue to try to make sure this is a useful tool for you. To those bloggers I've seen out there that are saying "Goodby" Novell just because our finance model has changed, all I can say is you just wait and see. This is really the best thing that has happened for us and for you and I believe it will show starting soon.