Hi All;

I've been doing some looking around, even found a cool solution that may be close, but wanted to make sure.

We are migrating from Netware to Linux and at the same time, implementing a Backup Exec 2010 server. When backing up the OES servers, all the incremental jobs list from within Backup Exec that they're running as a full.

I've seen some tech notes here and there in regards to the lack of an archive bit within linux and the fact that there is one in NSS volumes. I had found the cool solution that mentions modifying the nssstartup.cfg file.

Cool Solutions: Incremental and Differential Backups with Linux

When I looked in the directory mentioned, there wasn't one there. We are at SP3, could it have been moved? Do I have to create a new one?

What are other people doing to back up their NSS volumes with Backup Exec?