I came across this news/blog post today and wondered what everyone in the community thinks of the opinion expressed:
Novell is officially dead - Obituary to former networking giant | TechEye

Is this overly dramatic news hype pessimism (complete trash) or fairly accurate in your book? Novell is now private and moving HQ back to Provo it seems. That sounds like a positive step. Or is it a stopgap measure for just a few years until Novell is phased out of the new company's portfolio? They are taking SUSE away from Novell and putting it in a separate business unit. Novell has sold off many of its valuable patents. Is this really the beginning of the end for Open Enterprise Server at a minimum? OES services are built on top of SUSE Linux at the core. Will this mean OES will now be offered on more underlying platforms or does it mean they will discontinue OES Linux? Will Novell still collaborate with Microsoft on products and test for cross-compatibility? Of course they are both under the same corporate umbrella (Novell and SUSE). However, they will be separate units now. Will their engineers still work side by side on OES/SUSE product updates? All of this is of course speculation. Any further insight or informed thoughts would be helpful to all in the community I do believe. Thanks to everyone for your input.