a customer is currently running a BM36EE as a VPN Master
at the main office location.

Several C2S home office users are active.

There is a small company cooperating, running a NW6.0 SmallBiz Server.

Between these networks, separate eDir trees, there is a VPN connection
realized between the BM3.6EE <->SmallBizNW6 BM3.6

The main Network now is being updated. Within this the
BM3.6EE shall be updated to BM3.8, the NetWare underneath from 6.03 to 6.0.4

What will happen with that VPN Tunnel?

In the readme's I cannot find such a thing as "VPN site-to-site version
compatibility chart".

- Will the VPN S2S remain valid after that upgrade?
- or is it necessary to upgrade the SBizNW6.0 to SBizNW6.5?
- If that is done, as a 2nd consequence, is there a need
to update the NW6.0.x from the main site to NW6.5.x as well?

Thanks, Rudi.