Hi everyone.

Ive come across the following issue: Im trying to install SBE 2.5 on an IBM x3400 series Server. The installation process is constantly hanging when adding cd/dvd repositories for the Add-on products. I have left it for over 1 hour and the process never stops or shows an error. All I see is the hard disk light blinking from time to time (maybe every 30 seconds).

I've checked the Yes bulletins and I did not see this server on the yes list, but on IBM's web site it's certified to run on SLES 10 starting with SP1, and SBE 2.5 runs on top of SLES 10 SP2.

What I did just for my sakes, to check if it were a DVD unit error, was to start the install and unchecked everything related to OES and the install finished correctly. I had SLES 10 SP2 running, no errors.

I've used the same media to install on a Proliant ML 110 G4 and it has installed just fine. It finished the installation, I was able to login to https://ipaddress:8181.

Has anyone seen something like this ? Any ideas.

Thanks in advanced.