I'm getting an error when the server loads authgw.nlm.

AUTH: NWPKIGetWrappedServerKey returned error code FFFFFB3DAUTHGW:
Failed to acquire the VPN security keys.

I've followed the instructions in TID 10090459 with no luck.

Also when I try to run "stopvpn" the server console does not return me
to a command prompt, it pauses trying to do something with AUTHGW.NLM
(unload it I would guess).

I've run PKIDIAG and there are no errors present. I don't believe this
to be a timing issue as suggested in TID 10090459 as the same problem
occurs when I restart the server and run BRDSTART from the command line
instead of letting the autoexec.ncf do it.

Any ideas??

Nicholas Lemberger
Lakefield Communications