Just did a new install of GW8 (on SLES 11), and I can't log in to Console 1. I get C-1 running and can get to the login screen easily enough, but it says something to the effect that it can't find a replica of the tree from the primary server to the secondary one. I am not at that machine now, so I can't repeat it word for word.

I created two separate trees in eDirectory. One is owned by root, in root's home folder. The other is owned by groupwise (a user I created to run GW). It is in a sub folder under opt/novell, and groupwise has read write access to it.

I verified the correct tree name for each one using the correct nds tool. Yet, each time I push the tree icon in C-1, the list is blank. If I type the tree name or substitute the IP of the server followed by the port I assigned to the tree, I get the message above about the replica. I know it is finding something because I tried intentionally mistyping the IP or tree name and I get a different error that the tree cannot be found.

What am I doing wrong? Everything on this install went as smooth as silk until I got to this brick wall, and now 4 days later I have made zero progress.