Hi All,

I have installed Novell SLES10 SP3 and OES2 SP3 (Open Enterprise Services 2) (64 bits) as gust on the Xen server 5.5, I am doing OES2 migration from OES1 to OES2 SP3. During the process you need to run the MIGGUI tools and it runs on XServer at console, to run the Xserver we need to run VNC because Xen server guest does not console with GUI.

I want to transfer ID ( the IP address and host name) of the first of OES1 to OES2 server, so we need to run the MIGGUI toll form the OES2 to do transfer ID of the first OES1 to the second OES2 so I used the VNC, so once the ID is transferred the VNC will hang and MIGGUI toll will frizz , it is very obvious that the VNC was using the old ip address and now it has new ip address so I was not be able to finish the migration, but the IP address will transfered to the new OES2 so I had to reboot the OES2 box and I went back to the MIGGUI tool and picked up the saved project file (it is a xml file) and the source server was gray out and in the destination server it says unknown server and it tired to login and it was giving me an authentication error and it tired a few time and it worked it finished the whole migration.

I tried this on the testing environment but please if you know better way can you please let me know I am not a big fan of the VNC, OES team can you please give us some advise?

I came across this Article from Novell forum:

we are NOT doing any of the upgrades via SSH. We will either physically be at the server, or via ILO. Neither of which are SSH. IF you are doing this via SSH/VNC there is a step in the documentation that explains how you can get past this issue (you basically restart the server and re-run the migration project and it should pick up where it left off). But try to avoid this at all costs (I've only run into this if running OES2 on a Citrix XENserver because Citrix only allows VNC/SSH via the "dummy" video card driver).

I am looking for this documentation, please I work in Health sector and we are non profit organization and I need to this migration because the server does have not enough ram and disk space, it is an OES1 on SLES 9, thanks