I have Novell 6.5, BM 3.8.
If I put down the filters I can log in the server ( I making login in the
BM box), but with the filters up I can not do it.

The authentication process is completed but it can not login.

I have the "default filters" :
- TCP port 353
- UDP port 353
- UDP port 2010
- UDP Port 500
- UDP Port 4500
- IP protocol ID 57
- IP protocol ID 50
- IP protocol ID 51

If your VPN server is your firewall, then the
exception filters are already configured to allow
this traffic to pass through. Filters need to be
updated during VPN configuration ( I did).

The tcp ip debug Show up:

Where is the BM public IP is the ip assigned by my dial up connection ( I do not what it is ! )

RECEIVE:pktid:184> ttl:112
LOCAL:pktid:184> ttl:112
RECEIVE:pktid:10753> ttl:128
UDP:Source Port:3033Destination Port:53

Discard Outgoing: cause(FILTERING), reason
LOCAL:pktid:14150> ttl:128
TCP:ACK PUSH Source Port:1054, Dest Port:6000 Sequence No.:470815146 Ack
978157 Window:32268 UrgPtr:0

Thanks in advance !!!