I maybe have a stupid question but until now I did not find the answer about some DBCopy behaviors.

I am using DBCopy to migrate a GW 8 system running on NetWare to an OES Linux.
I have some PO (and Domains) to migrate. So, I use the DBCopy tool doing different passes to “move” the PO databases.

One of the PO’s is “very” large (600 GB). So, the first DBCopy pass will take some dayssss.

My question is:
Let us say that DBCopy has already migrated 500 GB but the connection between the servers just fails down.
If I restart the DBCopy, how does it work and handle the already migrated databases?

Does it overwrite all the databases (starting from zero) or does it make some comparisons between the databases on the source server and the databases already migrated on the destination server?

Tx for your help…