Hello NG

At 14 May 2008 i wrote here at the NG and asked about the
POLICYHANDLERS.CommonClasses.HandlerTimedOut{print er policy} error. A lot of
other people did have the same error.

Now, three years later on ZCM11 I have the same error. Doesn't Novell fix
this error?

I created a Printerpolicy and defined iprint printers. There are about 30
printers in a policy. Now I observed, that the policy does take long time to
install the printers.

Do someone have a solution for this problem?

Here the dedails of the error:

Full Message: POLICYHANDLERS.CommonClasses.HandlerTimedOut{print er policy}
Additional Information: None
Severity: Error
Date: May 2, 2011 11:21:52 AM
Acknowledged Date: None
Source: /Devices/Workstations/ZH/zhws300
Message ID: POLICYHANDLERS.CommonClasses.HandlerTimedOut
Probable Cause URL: None
Log ID: 0772e8e72fc2fce928817e84b8199c40
Related Objects: /Policies/Standard