The workstation is a Centrino portable, Windows XP with sp1, Zonealarm is
installed, there is 3 NIC: 1 wireless, one not in use and one in use. The
2 unused NIC is disabled. The user is a administrator.

We try to make a client-server VPN. (Several other PC's works fine)
I can't find solutions that works in knowledge base. Have tried
reinstalling VPN client several times. Have tried with VPN 3.7.3 client,
and with VPN client 3.8.

After installing the Novell client 4.90 it actualy is possible to start
the VPN-client, but when connecting it I get the following error:

failed authenticating user
the vptunnel driver returned an error

And if the context information is wrong then the error is appropiate.

Any help will be appreciated