We have:
1. Two servers NW65sp1a (25 user license on each)
2. We installed iManager 2.0.2 to both servers, and installed BMEE 3.8
to both servers too/

1st Server
Public IP
Private IP

2nd Server
Public IP
Private IP

We have configured Proxy and filters. It seems ok and working without any
problem (as far as we understand). Users used clntrust for access to the
internet via proxy.

We tryed to connect servers by VPN tunnel (BMEE v.3.8 with license from
CNE Prodact link).

How we tryed configure VPN:
Servers have been updated with tcpip stack:
perl nbm38ccd:\tcpip\tinstall.pl -f
and reseted after that. Allways ok - servers stood up.

On the 1st server (Master)run vpncfg and configured vpn master - Public IP mask, Private VPN IP Generated
minfo.vpn, reinitialize system - no effect, but in inetcfg can't see
VPTUNNEL interface. It's not a problem - go to the iManager from
workstation and :
1. Created Server Certificate
2. Created TRC (Trusted Root Container)
3. Created TRO (Trusted Root Object in TRC)
4. Configured VPN Server as Master with the same PUBLIC, Private, VPN IP
- it's a miracle - VPNMASTER service are up on the 1st server.

On the 2nd server (Slave) - configured with the same options but VPN
Private IP Run iManager from workstation and configured
server VPN as Slave. Also created TRC, TRO, Server Sertificate and
imported Master TRO and Master Server Certifcate (don't ask me why - I
don't know). As result - second miracle - vpslave up on the second server.

Problem; the servers can't use VPN, and can't established connection. We
also try to export sinfo.vpn from slave VPN server and import sinfo on the
master VPN server via NWadmin32 - no any result - servers can't
estabilished connection via VPN Tunnel :(

Second problem (but may be the same). Before start vpn service we can ping
both public IP (from master to slave and from slave to master). But after
we started nwadmin and imported sinfo.vpn to master server, we immediately
loose pings from master to slave adnd from slave to master. But when we
deleted slave member from master, we can pings again.

Of course, we tryed disable filtering on thec both servers without any

What wrong? Can you help?