I am running GW8.0.2 on Netware 6.5sp8. I have a server that our recreation department uses to send out confirmation emails when a customer signs up for a class. The recreation server and the GWIA are on the same subnet.

Here's the problem: When the Rec server sends out the first email confirmation, it gets sent out successfully. Subsequent emails after that fail. After about twenty minutes the next email will go out OK again but subsequent emails will fail.

The verbose logs on the GWIA don't tell me much but the diagnostic logs show what looks like a reverse DNS lookup happening at the GWIA for my local IP address of (the Rec server). This reverse DNS lookup fails (probably a timeout) and subsequent emails from this local Rec server get dropped by the GWIA without the DNS lookup.

DNS is being done by DNS proxy on Bordermanager 9.2. I've bypassed the Bordermanager DNS and the same thing happens. I've made entries for the local Rec server into a route.cfg file but the GWIA seems to want to ignore these entries and keeps doing the DNS lookup.

The wierdest part of the puzzle is that if I restart the proxy on the Bordermanager the next email will go out with, of course, subsequent emails failing. I've looked at the proxy dns cache and can't even find an entry for my Rec server.

Attached are the entries from the Diagnostic logs of the GWIA. Novell tech support has assured me that the GWIA and the BM are working fine. I am also having this problem with a scanner that scans then emails but all other email and Bordermanager are functioning fine. This server and scanner were not having this problem before upgrading to GW8.0.2.

I don't understand why GWIA is doing DNS lookups for a local address and I don't know what I can do to stop it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is a successful transfer right after restarting the proxy: is the Rec server, is the GWIA and is the Bordermanager.

16:04:13 D15 NgwResQuery(, 1, 12)
16:04:13 D15 Querying server (# 1) address =
16:04:13 D15 HEADER:
16:04:13 D15 opcode = QUERY, id = 17615, rcode = SERVFAIL, flags: qr aa rd
16:04:13 D15 query = 1, answer = 0, authority = 0, additional = 0
16:04:13 D15
16:04:13 D15 QUESTIONS:
16:04:13 D15, type = PTR, class = IN
16:04:13 D15
16:04:13 D15 rcode = 2, ancount=0
16:04:13 D15 NgwResQuery failed
16:04:13 D15 DMN: MSG 2000909 Accepted connection: [] ()
16:04:13 D15 Successful login with client/server access:
16:04:13 D15 DMN: MSG 2000909 Receiving file: ECMAIL/SYS:\PROGRAMS\GRPWISE\WPGATE\GWIA\3RD\receive\df30 fad4.221
16:04:13 D15 DMN: MSG 2000909 SMTP session ended: [] ()

This is an unsuccessful transfer:

16:06:08 D04 timeout
16:06:08 D04 NgwResQuery: send error
16:06:08 D04 NgwResQuery failed
16:06:08 D04 DMN: MSG 2000933 Accepted connection: [] ()
16:06:08 D04 DMN: MSG 2000933 SMTP session ended: [] ()

Then the successful email comes back into the system:

16:06:26 AA8 MSG 2000909 Processing inbound message: ECMAIL/SYS:\PROGRAMS\GRPWISE\WPGATE\GWIA\receive\DF30FAD4 .221
16:06:26 AA8 MSG 2000909 Sender: erec@ci.el-cajon.ca.us
16:06:26 AA8 MSG 2000909 Recipient: avanrav@cityofelcajon.us
16:06:26 AA8 MSG 2000909 Queuing to MTA
16:06:26 AA8 MSG 2000909 File: ECMAIL/SYS:\PROGRAMS\GRPWISE\WPGATE\GWIA\wpcsin\4\4daf048 2.8m1 Message Id: (4DAF66F2.B67:244:35687) Size: 163.3 Kb