I want to setup a OES2 SP2 Novell FTP, authenticating users against eDirectory, and using their home directory on clustered NSS volume, on remote servers.

The eDir authentication is working ok, but home dir is always a "local" dir of FTP Server machine.

All i can do is to log the user into Novell FTP server using a command line ftp client, and then "jump" to remote home dir using some sort of "cd //ip_of_resource/VOL/user_dir" command into ftp client command line. This works, but is not what my customer wants. They have NetWare FTP and want to migrate to OES2 SP2 Novell FTP.

Is there a method to log a user into their NSS clustered resource homedir directly, like as NetWare FTP can do?

Have i explained? Sorry for my bad english :-)