Running GroupWise 8.02 HP1

User accidently deleted from edir and groupwise. I added user back in to edir and groupwise. I restore the ofuser database. Remove groupwise page options in groupwise. Edited the FID to match the ofuser database. Added page options back.

When I tried to login as the user I get:
07:24:50 824 C/S Login Windows Net Id=mitchell ::GW Id=millerm2 ::
07:24:50 824 The database facility reported error [C05D] on usermv1.db

When I run a gwcheck on user account I get the following errors:
* Processing time for database msg49.db: 0:06:43 Error- Unable to get access to database
* 39 Unrecognized or invalid files in mail directories..

I restarted the post office, tried to login again and got the samething.

Any help much appreciated!