I see there is misinformation in the press about Novell dropping
products that has some people concerned. Let me try to explain the
facts so you know what is happening here.

First, an explanation of Attachmate. The "Attachmate Group" is the
parent holding company. It has no products or services, but just
controls the companies it holds. Before buying Novell, it consisted of
Attachmate and NetIQ. Novell was...well....Novell and operated SUSE as
a separate business unit.

Now the Attachmate Group has decided to run 4 companies, or business
units: Attachmate, NetIQ, Novell, and SUSE

Let me reiterate that NO products are being discontinued. They are
just being shuffled to the business unit that specializes in that
service. The best way to see what is happening is to go to
http://www.novell.com and mouse over the PRODUCTS link (2nd from the
left) in the header. There you will see the following 4 categories:

Data Center
End User Computing
Identity & Security
Novell OEM Products

Everything starting with "SUSE...." in those lists will be part of the
SUSE business unit (duh).

Everything under DATA CENTER not starting with SUSE and everything
under IDENTITY & SECURITY will be part of NetIQ because NetIQ's focus
is on identity and security.

Everything under END USER COMPUTING (Novell's core products) stays in
the Novell business unit.

Each of the business units will be operated as autonomous companies,
with some shared services between the units. There will continue to be
bundling that makes sense for our customers (e.g. OES with SLES)

What this does that benefits folks is two fold. On one hand, having
each BU focus on it's core products and strengths will turn out better
products. Second, it gives our customers a wide base to build from
mixing and matching products from each BU to get the right solution.

I'm not a marketing guy, I'm a forum/search guy. I'm just passing on
some of the stuff I've learned over the past week or so. If you have
product specific questions, I suggest you ask in the product specific
forums where people much more knowledgeable than I can answer those.

Kim - 5/3/2011 9:16:32 AM