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> Hi all: I am seeing this error (unknown error 00000001 installing client) during
> an automated installation of client 4.91 sp5 ir1 on a XP sp3 box following reimaging.
> The client gets installed via ACU. This does not happen all the time. I get no
> other information with regards to this failure. Any ideas? Chris.

There is the documented instance of that issue, in which the Novell
Client's NSNS driver conflicts with an existing service by the same
name for ZENworks MiddleTier also installed on the local machine:

The SETUPAPI*.LOG files (in C:\Windows\ on Windows 5.x,
C:\Windows\INF\ on Windows 6.x) can many times be helpful in a
situation such as that. The "SETUPAPI failed to process IWCLIENT.INF"
condition many times gets reported as a generic error status 1 back
from SETUPAPI / INetCFG. For example in the TID 3511768 scenario, it
was only in the SETUPAPI.LOG that you would see a driver installation
failed due to a naming collision.

It seems like this was also the status that could be seen when
"something else" had a lock on the INetCFG database; the network
component database needed to add or remove additional network
components. "Normal" things like simply having the properties page of
a Windows network adapter open could cause that lock to be held, as
could some other application having the INetCFG lock held at that
moment. In the Novell Client for Windows 7 this was improved to
report which other application was holding the lock, but in the Novell
Client for Windows XP/2003 is still resulting in error 0x00000001 I

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