I've found that OES2 servers are now getting listed twice in Customer
Center. The problem is if you deleted one of them as part of a cleanup
as that will stop patching from working properly.
If this happens to you (as it did to both myself and a colleague), you
will need to reregister your servers as per TID 3150078
Since step 6 doesn't appear to be reliably putting the server name up
into Customer Center last week, it might be worth using the GUI for
that step to better populate at least the server name.
I did encounter the problem of many servers not showing their name
after a recent reregister (OES2 sp2 level). Running suse_register
without any parameters post sp3 appears to get the server name into the
Customer Center, though still showing 2 instances per server.

Does anyone have an explanation for this change that appears to show
separate instances for SLES and OES with nothing showing in the
software tab for a system like there used to be?
For one customer I see 7 systems at the home level but when I get into
the details where it shows a lucky 13 (1 SLES only and 6 OES2 systems)

Andy Konecny
KonecnyConsulting.ca in Toronto
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