I have seen this on every install of zen10/11, and it is a nuisance that
I would love some advice on.

In the admin interface, browsing edir sources for users is slow. For
example, when adding a New administrator 'based on a user in a source',
or when associating a bundle to a user.

I have tried every browser I can think of, firefox 3/4, ie8/9. I have
turned off ssl in the ldap connection source as well, and still it's
slow (sometimes as long as 15 seconds). The OU browsing seems fine, but
once I hit a container with users in it, it's quite painful.

Am I alone in this? Does anyone have any advice? My edir environment(s)
are netware 6.5 sp8, edir 8.8.5. In general, LDAP is quite fast against
these trees.

Thanks in advance,