Hi group,

I've got sporadic reports of TCP/IP read errors from some of our users -
they receive the following:

The message that you sent has been delayed.

The reason given for the delay:
420 TCP read error

Information about your message:
Subject: Re: [Call#20110503428148] Can't search for IP Addresses in Hosts
view again
GroupWise Message Id: 4DC11B67.9AF:116:31169
Message log tag: 764053
Number of send attempts: 1
Time of initial send attempt: 05-04-11 10:25:27

- the messages do get delivered after the first retry period (20 minutes)
and not all messages are delayed, but they are badgering me to get it
fixed. Where do I start?

Our GWIA hands off SMTP to the University's smtp server farm, oxmail.ox
which is a round-robin DNS alias for a bunch of machines. I suspect that
one of these machines is not accepting mail correctly, given the
randomness of the delays (not all users, and not all messages) but I could
do with tracking down what is going wrong.

The Gwia Status page does show 127 TCP/IP read errors.

We're on GW 8.0.2 Linux, sitting on OES2.

James Dore
IT Officer,
New College, Oxford

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