I am having an issue running Groupwise 8 using Lightspeed GWJAV for archiving that will not let trash be emptied. If I manually run gwtmstmp.nlm it will allow the trash to be purged. Over time some email in the trash can will delete after they are several days old without running the gwtmstmp.nlm manually. Lightspeed is showing that the email has been archived instantly. Another issue that may be related has come to light. The email file size is changing by a few bytes. This was noticed because we run an email-to-ticket ticketing system. The ticketing system scans the inbox of a "support" address and creates a ticket on email that it has not seen before. It uses sender, subject, and file size for comparison to see if it has created a ticket against a certain email. We noticed we were getting duplicate tickets because the file size was changing on subsequent scans of the inbox. Again, I'm not sure if this is related or not to my deletion issue but just putting it out there. Thanks for any and all responses.