Good morning,

I am interested in converting a group of clustered NSS volumes on OES2SP2 Linux into non-clustered volumes that will reside on the former nodes of the cluster.

If I'm reading the documentation correctly, the process should be to migrate the resource to the master node, offline it, use nssmu to mark the pool as not shareable for clustering, then delete the cluster services resource object.

At that point, I should probably reconfigure the SAN/FibreNet to restrict access to that LUN to just the node I want to mount it on.

Does that sound correct?

My big question is what exactly does marking a pool unshareable for clustering do? Assuming the SAN/FibreNet permits it, if I mark it for being unshareable for clustering, will I be able to manually mount it to any node that I want? Or will it be "bound" to a particular server by marking it unshareable? If so, can I control which server it will be "bound" to? I certainly don't want them all forced to run on the master node where they were offlined. What if I don't mark it as unshareable for clustering? Will I be able to delete the cluster resource object without deleting the pool/volume?

Any other suggestions or concerns for what I'm trying to do?